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P6 - Modelling

Competitive mechanisms of water and nitrogen partitioning in beech-dominated deciduous forests.  -  Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK-IFU), Research Center Karlsruhe.

The goal of this project is to model tree growth and stand dynamics of beech-dominated forests under realisitic scenarios of future environmental conditions. Special emphasis will be given to the simulation of inter- and intra-species competition in the rhizosphere and the canopy for nitrogen. water, and light. This will require modifications of the model structure, additions of sub-modules and processes, as well as improved process parameterisations, e.g. the description of simultaneous nitrogen uptake by plant roots and microbes, the implementation of dynamic root growth, improved algorithms for plant C and N allocation, as well as stand hydrology.

Developments will use field and laboratory studies of project partners for parameterisation and evaluation and will be accompanied by a thorough uncertainty analysis. Finally, the newly developed model will be used to simulate stand growth, C and N turnover and storage, as well as biosphere-atmosphere exchange of C and N compounds under a range of environmental conditions that include projected scenarios of climate change and a realistic collection of management options.
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