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P1 - Meteorology

Evapotranspiration of Beech Stands as Indicator for Water Supply and Competition for Water under Different Climate Conditions. - Meteorological Institute, University Freiburg

Evapotranspiration of forest stands depends mainly on three complexes:
(i) atmospheric conditions (e.g. available energy, air mass exchange) near the evaporating and transpirating surfaces,
(ii) soil properties (e.g. availability of water),
(iii) forest characteristics in different spatial scales (e.g. stand density, leaf area index, portion of sun crown and shade crown, physiological processes).
These complexes are influenced directly and indirectly by different climates and climate change as well as terrain.
This project consists of intimately connected experimental and simulation parts focussed on the evapotranspiration inclusive its components of beech stand. In combination with the soil moisture in different depths, evapotranspiration is regarded as an indicator for water availability and competition for water. Variables to characterise weather events and climate conditions at the primary research site Tuttlingen will be measured continuously and analysed problem-specificly.
Parallel to the experimental studies, the water balance model BROOK90 will be implemented at each of the research sites to simulate the single terms of the water balance of the beech stands and validated against measurements on the sites.
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